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Hop Infused Carbonated water

Beyond Beer: Hopped Hydration, Hop Infused Carbonated Water

Whilst our community love our beers and what they stand for, there is a very real and growing demand for alternative products running in parallel.
Something Beyond Beer that is:
  • Sugar free. 
  • Alcohol free.
  • Stimulant free: a move away from the hyper world of energy and caffeine drinks to something kinder and gentler, less anxious, less manic.
  • Environmental: the importance of sustainability, the need for limited and recyclable packaging.
  • Natural Ingredients: the imperative of a health enhancing product, hydrating, mineral rich and revitalising.

Our Beyond Beer products are all of the above, a carbonated water infused with hops oils and mineral salts. A uniquely refreshing and versatile drink.



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