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Perfect Peaks Brews | Perfect Peaks - a moment one stops to appreciate an accomplished day filled by nature's beauty


Born in Switzerland. Raised in Portugal. 

After a physically challenging day full of endurance and pushing limits, one finally sits down to rest. Bodies begin to relax and feel content as they watch the sunset over the mountain peaks or the last waves rolling in. This is Perfect Peaks - a moment one stops to appreciate an accomplished day filled by nature's beauty. 

Perfect Peaks Brews | local artisanal beer from Cascais Portugal

Perfect Peaks

Perfect Peaks Brews is a local artisanal beer brewed by Sean Wootton, a local Cascais adventure seeker. Driven by the vision of a Perfect Peaks life he gave up his corporate career in Switzerland to relocate to Portugal. In reality, he moved to bring up his inspirational and brave young daughter by the ocean. She is his greatest and most enduring “Perfect Peaks Moment”.

Perfect Peaks Brews | Inspired by real ale and the craft beer movement


Heavily influenced by the beer culture of UK, USA and Australia - Perfect Peaks Brews was founded. Inspired by real ale and the craft beer movement, the goal was to create an iconic beverage with the complexity of craft beer that is smoother and easier to drink. In this case, a beer made to quench the thirst after outdoor adventure and endurance activities. In doing so we created beers which serve as an introduction or “gateway beer” to the incredibly rich history and world of craft beer.

Now Perfect Peaks Brews is brewed in Azoia (Cabo de Roca) the most western point of Europe on the Cascais-Sintra border, using natural ingredients and artisanal brewing techniques.

Perfect Peaks Brews | Homage to the thousands of years of beer history


Homage towards: 
The thousands of years of beer history especially its role in celebration and bringing people together. 

Perfect Peak Brews | Beer for those taking part in endurance sports in the great outdoors

Based on: 

Human characteristics of joining together through mutual support, adrenaline, pain, joy and self-worth developed from shared experiences. For us these experiences are taking part in endurance sports in the great outdoors as we push mental and physical limits while embracing nature's elements. For others it may be simply sharing a pint together. 

Perfect Peak Brews | Celebrate accomplishments and the wonder of nature

We believe:
in celebrating small accomplishments that strengthen our values of building human interaction and a deep respect for nature. 


the natural environment through sustainable packaging, using all natural ingredients for a vegan friendly authentic beer, and keeping the brewing process local. 

Perfect Peaks Brews | Mission: protect the natural environment through sustainable packaging, using all natural ingredients for a vegan friendly authentic beer, and keeping the brewing process local

a timeless moment where human values, agency, and accomplishment can be celebrated. 

Perfect Peak Brews | an appreciation of life in beautiful Cascais / Sintra

an appreciation of life in beautiful Cascais / Sintra the place we call home – a multisport, cultural and gastronomic haven. 



Perfect Peaks Brews was born from a passion for adventure and endurance sports in the great outdoors. 

Those special moments we engage with our friends after a shared experience, laugh, brag and tease. The time to share, enrich, and respect our connection with other people. Admiring the day as we watch the sun setting over the last waves or the mountain peaks changing from golden hour hues to a deep sunset red. The body transitions from its nervous adrenaline fueled "flight or fight" mode to a relaxed "feed and
breed" state of mind, and that is why Perfect Peaks Brews is best served with endorphins! 

Everyone has their own Perfect Peaks Moment, which is why we invite you to define your own! 

Whether it is in a bar after a hard day at work, camping in the outdoors, discovering craft beer with friends in town, or gathering around a BBQ. Whatever it may be, continue doing your thing - engage in it - share it - and celebrate every small accomplishment with a Perfect Peaks Brew. 

Perfect Peaks Brews Ambassador Wes Trigg - Owner Founder of Elixir Fitness Portugal Trail Running and Triathlon Camps


Wes Trigg - Owner Founder of Elixir Fitness Portugal Trail Running and Triathlon Camps (Low volume high quality personal experience-based sports tourism and coaching).  Wes is an accomplished triathlete and trail runner currently competing in the Portuguese Skyrunning Cup. Wes natural enthusiasm, humility and sense of humor just get us. He knows the trails in the hills of Sintra and the Lisbon coast like the back of his hand and is happy guiding and coaching at all levels. His patience has been tested by us on several occasions during the “Dads Friday Morning trail run” so we can confirm he is out there just to make sure you have a good time! We appreciate his humanity and generosity. Wes is there to share a Perfect Peaks moment, that might well be shivering after a winter open water swim or sweating after a hot trail run or bike ride, he’ll be laughing and sharing. 


While we move our nano brewery to an environmentally and climate neutral status. We do wish to support environmental actions. In doing so we have teamed up with Mossy Earth and fully support their mission in rewilding the planet. The ocean, coastal plains, forest, and mountains of Portugal are our playground we want to protect what we are about and create more wilderness to discover and respect. We are particularly supportive of our local Cascais project Kelp Regeneration to learn more.

Our support to Mossy Earth is in our corporate membership.

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