Perfect Peaks Brews is inspired by the craft brewing movement creativity, originality, passion, and quality ingredients making real beer.

However we are not constrained by the need to adhere to defined beer styles. Beer dedicated to ambience and moments in time .. for us those moments bragging and chatting with friends after endurance sports, surfing  and skiing or just one of those days ....

A fusion of the modern craft brewing movement motivated by Pacific Coast USA, Australian craft brewing and traditional European beer making.  Based near Lisbon on the Atlantic Coast of Portugal where everyday life is a testament to tradition and innovation.

Taste our Beers

Black Ale

A dark ale full of malt richness hints of caramel coffee and roasted flavors. 3 additions of  bittering and aroma hops add even more complexity and depth to this ale.

Our tribute to ocean or mountain storms, A re-animator beer,  restore, revive and relax. 

Drink at room temperature. After surviving anything! The life reaffirming red blooded ale. Drink, sit back and sigh your alive!


Rich caramel malts and pale malts balanced with Noble English hops.
Medium bodied with hints of caramel sweetness perfectly counteracted by the hop bittering effect.

Our richer ‘comfort’ ale after a hard day, perfect recovery beer. Settle down and enjoy the ease of this ale as always bragging and chatting with friends.

Drink at room temperature or chilled. Drink for recovery and comfort, warm toffee notes this is a  medium bodied easy drinking ale. Pair with meals of red meats and  roasted vegetables. Replaces good red wines of Syrah, Grenache and Terriga Nacional grape varieties.

Golden Ale

Pale European malts, southern hemisphere hops and British brewing procedures.

Light biscuit malt  with the hops bringing gooseberry, and a  hint of exotic / citrus fruits flavors. Finishing clean dry with a hint of spice and pepper.

Our ‘sundowner’ contentment ale. Light and refreshing best with friends celebrating one of those great days.

Drink cold. Great on its own, at a barbecue or pair it with seafood,  white meats and vegetarian foods. Replaces Sauvignon Blanc wines with meals.




Where to buy

Head Quarter

Mercardo da vila - Cascais

Rua Luanda, 838  2775-232 Cascais

Duna de Cresmina

Dona Flor
Rua do Poço Novo 180, 2750-642 Cascais

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