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What are the ingredients?

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Water, Malted Barely, Wheat, Hops and Yeast... That’s it! We may and some salts Calcium Sulphate or Calcium Chloride to balance water chemistry. 

What is the brewing process?

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We grind the grain to expose the cereal starch within the husk to the water during the mash. 

We then mash the grain in water to convert the starches to sugar, proteins. Controlling the temperature of the mash allows us to determine the ratio of fermentable sugars to
non-fermentable sugars. The result of the mash is called a wort. 

We then lauter ie  separate the hot wort from the grain. We Sparge ie rinse the grains recovering more sugary water and balancing volume with sugar concentration. 

The hot wort is boiled and the famous hops added. Some hops provide bitterness to balance the sweetness or add specific flavours to the beer. 

The wort is then cooled quickly and yeast added. The yeast a type of fungus, ferments the wort a natural process in which sugars are converted to alcohol. The type of yeast used and the temperature of fermentation will have an effect on the taste of beer.

Once fermentation is complete the beer is matured and carbonated if required. 

Is Perfect Peaks Brews vegan?

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Perfect Peaks Brews make a connection with sport, Is beer healthy?

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Beer has been linked to several health benefits. Beer may have been used as medicine to help heal broken bones in ancient Egypt. We however leave it to medical professional to advise on the health benefits and trust our consumer to drink responsibly and drink as part of a healthier lifestyle. Really is there anything better than a beer with friend after a surf, ski, swim, ride, run or any physical activity. 

Perfect Peaks Brews is described as a “gateway” beer to craft beer. What does that mean?

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A @gateway beer is simply a beer that sparks an interest in the world of beer for a drinker that wouldn’t normally drink anything other than commercial fizzy yellow stuff. We brew beers that have distinct flavours, the Golden Ale introduces the drinker to exotic citrus hop flavours the Red Ale to the carmel richness of a malt forward beer and the Black all the rich roasted coffee black chocolate flavours of roasted malt. However, a world of lagers, sour beers, bitter and strong IPA’s, simpler session IPA’s stouts, porters, dessert stouts and almost anything you can imagine are available in the craft beer world. 

The online shop and your order

What happens to my order?

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When we receive your order we will package your order and contract a shipping company for delivery

How long will it take?

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We will package and contract the shipping company with in 2 working days.

Our shipping company quotes 2-5 working days form delivery in Portugal  

Can I expediate a delivery?

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If the order is urgent and you are in the Cascais / Sintra area we can try and get your product to you quicker. Just drop us a mail or call us and we will see what is possible.

Can I track my package?

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Yes as soon as the shipper has your order a shipping tracking number will be issued by email. 

Can I return my order?

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If your order is damaged you have the right to refuse acceptance. The shipping company is obliged to return the goods to us. For more on returns refunds and exchanges see our policies.

Can I modify my order?

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If you need to change your order contact us quickly, we try and get order out the to you as soon as possible. We will try and catch your order and make the change before it ships.

What are the minimum order quantities?

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Our minimum order quantity is a box of 12 bottles.


How do I pause or cancel my Subscription?

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In order to cancel your subscription, you will first need to log in to your account. Click the Subscriptions tab, then next to each of the products you are subscribed to is a Cancel button. You would use this if you would like to no longer receive this subscription product. 

How do I update Subscription billing information?

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In the Billing Information tab, you'll find the current method of payment along with the current billing address. However, this is not the same as the shipping address. You would edit the address in this section if something has changed for the card holder's place of residence or the email address on file. 

Can I skip a Subscription delivery?

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Once logged in, click on Delivery Schedule on the left to see all upcoming deliveries for your subscriptions. To skip a delivery you can click Skip to the right of each one. 

How do I update my Subscription shipping address?

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Once logged in, click on Subscriptions and click Edit to the right of the address. This only affects the shipping/delivery address, this does not update billing information related to the method of payment. 

Can I add or change the products in my Subscription?

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Yes! You can do both. 

Perfect Peaks Brews FAQ

To edit your subscription product(s): 
  1. Log into yourPerfect Peaks Brews account 
  2. Clicking “Manage Subscriptions” on your account page (scroll down if you don’t see it)
  3. Select “Manage Subscription” on the relevant subscription in the “Active Subscriptions” section
  4. Click “Change Quantity or Product”
  5. Make your picks!
  6. Hit “Update Subscription” and you’re all done!


To add a product:  

  1. Log into yourPerfect Peaks Brews Account
  2. Select “Manage Subscriptions”, then choose a subscription to edit. 
  3. You can now search, view, and select additional products to add to your upcoming deliveries.
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