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Sparkling Water Hops Oil Sunset Cascais

Introducing Perfect Peaks Brews Sparkling Water.

At Perfect Peaks, we understand that not every day calls for alcohol, but every day deserves exceptional refreshment.

However there seems to be a lack of genuine choice in the drinks market for those who are sober curious or seeking to adopt a more health-conscious lifestyle.

We believe the drinks market even with its myriad of offerings can be split into 3 classes.
1) Water 2) Alcohol based 3) Non Alcoholic  drinks saturated with sugar and synthetic additives. 


Do we need to choose between 4% Alc or over 5%+ Sugar and synthetic flavouring ?


Based on the principles of traditional wine, beer, and distilling, our approach is rooted in using natural ingredients and embracing simplicity while appreciating the complexity that nature provides.  We’ve infused sparkling water with the world's most used, trusted, yet underappreciated botanical—hop oils— to create a pure, simple, and elegant beverage that's clean, natural, and unmistakably refreshing.




What sets our sparkling water apart is its commitment to your health and well-being.



  • Zero Alcohol

  • Zero Calories,

  • Zero Sugar,

  • Zero Gluten

  • Zero Synthetic Flavouring

  • 100% Taste

The chic non alcoholic aperitif. That perfect moment when you join with friends and feel the excitement of the evening ahead. Enjoy the healthy buzz of Perfect Peaks Hop water. Rooted back to nature while fostering the energy and anticipation of the celebration ahead.

Sparkling Water Hop Oil Sunset Cascais
AZACCA: Soft sweet tropical fruit flavors, nuanced with floral notes, completed with a crisp minerality This is a novel and complex flavored water, always crisp and refreshing.








Sparkling Water Hop Oil Sunset Cascais




CITRA: Zesty, tart, crisp fresh citrus, though a softened flavor, imagine more Flower of Pink Grapefruit than the pure fruit. Uniquely complex thirst quencher.




Love complex  flavours but don't want the heaviness  and alcohol of beer & wine.
Love soda but don't want sugar or synthetic flavouring
Love tonic water but don't want the quinine, sugar or synthetic flavouring
Love sparkling water but wish it packed more of a punch

Try  Perfect Peaks Brews Sparkling Hop Water

But our commitment to your health doesn't stop there. We've packaged this sparkling water in cans to reduce plastic pollution and promote a higher rate of recycling. Not only is it a sustainable choice, but the can also ensures a lighter and safer option for the outdoors. Take it to the beach, hiking cycling climbing running with out the risk of breakage. for the poolside!  


By Day: Hydrate your body.... Calm your Mind!

By Night: Clear-headed celebration ...Naturally!


A Note on Hop Oils and potential Health Benefits

Hop oil, derived from the hop cones of the hop plant, possesses a unique flavor profile a complex mixture of floral and fruit. These essential oils not only contribute to the distinctive aroma and taste of beer but also offer various health benefits.

One of the notable health benefits of hop oil is its analgesic properties, which can help reduce pain experienced in chronic conditions[1]. Additionally, hops essential oil is believed to have general sedative qualities, making it a potential aid in promoting relaxation and calmness[1].

Furthermore, hop oil is known for its potential immune-boosting properties, helping to enhance overall immune function and well-being[3]. It contains compounds that may support the body's defenses and contribute to a healthy immune system.

It's important to note that hop oil is distinct from the hops used in beer-making[3]. While beer incorporates hop oils, crafted sparkling water flavored with hop oil provides a non-alcoholic alternative that allows you to experience the unique hop flavors and potential health benefits without the alcohol content.



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