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Introducing Perfect Peaks Brews Sparkling  Water.

Introducing Perfect Peaks Brews Sparkling Water.

Introducing Perfect Peaks Brews Sparkling Hop Water.  Our unique sparkling water is meticulously curated from a deep understanding of hop types, hop oils, and their exquisite flavors.

Natural hop oil extract embodies this effervescent, sophisticated, sparkling non-alcoholic aperitif. Enjoy simple, calm, clear-headed anticipation for the evening ahead.

Hop oil in pipette


This exceptional drink is tailored to perfection, bringing together the expertise of craft brewing and the inspiration from our love of outdoor activities in the raw elements.



Uniquely flavoursome and refreshing. 


What sets our sparkling water apart is its commitment to your health and well-being.



  • Zero Calories,

  • Zero Sugar,

  • Zero Gluten

  • Zero Alcohol

  • 100% Hydration   added mineral salts or "electrolytes" provide for effective  hydration.

  • 100% Recyclable

This water is a guilt-free pleasure. We understand the importance of maintaining a balanced lifestyle, which is why we crafted a non-alcoholic beverage that aligns with your wellness goals without compromising your lifestyle and enjoyment.
Start your evening, celebrating your day refreshed and clear-headed…




AZACCA: Soft sweet tropical fruit flavors, nuanced with floral notes, completed with a crisp minerality This is a novel and complex flavored water, always crisp and refreshing.





CITRA: Zesty, tart, crisp fresh citrus, though a softened flavor, imagine more Flower of Pink Grapefruit than the pure fruit. Uniquely complex thirst quencher.



Say goodbye to energy drinks and non-alcoholic beer that often come loaded with unnecessary additives. Our sparkling water provides a healthier alternative. The drink that fuels and energises (rather than dulls) the anticipation of the evening.

Natural hop oils ground us to nature and wellness. The light chic “pétillant character and sophisticated flavour promotes the anticipation and enjoyment of an evening celebrating the day.  An alternative choice allowing the discerning drinker to not compromise, stay clear headed and excited for the evening ahead. 

But our commitment to your health doesn't stop there. We've packaged this sparkling water in cans to reduce plastic pollution and promote a higher rate of recycling. Not only is it a sustainable choice, but the can also ensures a lighter and safer option for consumption in various environments, including poolside, beach outings, and other natural settings.

Join us in embracing a healthier lifestyle while indulging in the unique flavors of hop oils. Try our  Sparkling Water infused with hop oil infusion and experience a refreshing twist like never before.

Cheers to your health and an eco-friendly future!

By Day: Hydrate your body.... Calm your Mind!

By Night: Clear-headed celebration ...Naturally!


A Note on Hop Oils and potential Health Benefits

Hop oil, derived from the hop cones of the hop plant, possesses a unique flavor profile a complex mixture of floral and fruit. These essential oils not only contribute to the distinctive aroma and taste of beer but also offer various health benefits.

One of the notable health benefits of hop oil is its analgesic properties, which can help reduce pain experienced in chronic conditions[1]. Additionally, hops essential oil is believed to have general sedative qualities, making it a potential aid in promoting relaxation and calmness[1].

Furthermore, hop oil is known for its potential immune-boosting properties, helping to enhance overall immune function and well-being[3]. It contains compounds that may support the body's defenses and contribute to a healthy immune system.

It's important to note that hop oil is distinct from the hops used in beer-making[3]. While beer incorporates hop oils, crafted sparkling water flavored with hop oil provides a non-alcoholic alternative that allows you to experience the unique hop flavors and potential health benefits without the alcohol content.



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