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Perfect Peaks Pod : Custom Open Water Swimming Ocean Experience

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Contact us for a fully customisable Open Water Ocean Experience. 
in Partnership with Seascape.Swim. See Cascais differently. Experience a Sunrise or Sunset swim in the beautiful Cascais bay or contact us for a fully customised experience

Price start from €65 for a 1hour guided Ocean Open Water swim in Cascais Bay 

There is only one important rule in Open Water Ocean Swimming, Do Not Swim Alone so join us for a guided Ocean Swim Experience . Swimmers of all standards. 

Enjoy the total immersion in nature, the engagement that ocean swimming requires. Manage Ocean conditions waves, current, tide, clarity and temperature. Develop a keen awareness of your own confidence and endurance. Face the challenge and celebrate your achievement.  

Open water swimming is reputed to have multiple health benefits. I personally just love the heighted engagement, the sensation of being in big ocean water, the flow of water and the challenge to technique the different ocean conditions present. Never boring...unlike pool swimming!




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