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Perfect Peaks Brews-An Introduction


Perfect Peaks Brews.

Perfect Peaks Brews is an independent nano brewing operation based in Cascais Portugal. Motivated by my love for outdoor adventure and endurance sports and respect for the craft brewing industry. I wanted to create a beer drunk celebrating that convivial moment  laughing and teasing with friends after a shared experience. The #perfectpeaksmoment. The body relaxes as in transitions from an adrenaline fueled "Flight or Fight" state to a relaxed nano-adrenalin "Feed and Breed" state.  Watching sunsets as last few waves of the day break, or mountain scapes take on the golden and red hues, resting aching muscles or simply relaxing with friends.


The Beers


Perfect Peaks Golden Ale

Gold - We Celebrate Fresh, dry, crisp and easy to drink beer.

Flavour Profile:
Light Pils malt and the rounded mouthfeel of wheat provide a crisp foundation for the molten brightness of the Nelson Sauvignon hop, white peach, gooseberry, pepper and fresh grass flavours can be revealed. An easy drinking craft beer for commercial larger and white wine drinkers to smple the wonderful world of craft beer.

Inspired by:

  • Classic Czech Pils
  • Pouilly Fume Sauvignon Blanc
  • Vinho Verde

Drinking Moment:
For all the post-exercise “feel good” moments, where you pass a bottle to your friends and open up a cold one together as you celebrate an accomplished day while looking out to the sunset. Low in alcohol and carbonation, making this beer a real thirst quencher.


Red Ale

Red - We Recover with rich and smoothness for comfort after effort Rich deep malt intense beer. Dark garnet colour with an easy to drink flavour.

Flavour Profile:
Pale ale and rich crystal malts provides sweetness. This sweetness is expertly balanced with noble English hops to avoid “cloggy” sweetness in the mouth. Toffee apple caramel and coffee notes with an overall smoothness.

Inspired by:

  • Irish Red Ale
  • English Bitter
  • Toffee Apple Caramel
  • Coffee

Drinking Moment:
The comfort after effort beverage. Your trophy for all the sweat and out of breath
moments. Soothing those aching muscles as you laugh it off and relax with friends after an intense adrenaline-filled day. Full of toffee apple caramels and coffee richness.

Black Ale

Black - Be Revived with dark, smooth, deep, and full flavoured relaxation.

Flavour Profile:
A deep rich black beer created with dark roasted malts. The bitterness is derived from the malt rather than hops. Coffee and dark chocolate dominate this dense beer with a touch of Iodine and pine. North Atlantic storm in a beer.

Inspired by:

  • Stout
  • Scotch Whiskey
  • Espresso Martini

Drinking Moment:
It was a long day full of "make it or break it" moments as you are thankful for being alive and passing the test of survival. Now it is time to sink back into your favorite chair as you open up a cold one. Sighing with relief after every sip, entering deep relaxation mode. You deserve this.

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