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Trail Running Cascais & Sintra National Park

Trail Running Cascais & Sintra National Park

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Trail Running Cascais Sintra
Perfect Peaks of the Atlantic Waves to the Perfect Peaks of the Sintra Mountains.

Trail running is a form of off-road running that takes place on natural surfaces such as dirt, gravel, mud, and rock. It typically takes place in natural environments such as mountains, forests, rugged coastline, beaches  and parks, rather than on paved roads or tracks. Trail running can be more challenging than road running because of the uneven terrain, inclines, and obstacles such as rocks, roots, and streams. 
Not only does trail running offer an unparalleled connection with nature, but it also provides a fantastic full-body workout. And what better place to experience this than the Cascais Sintra National Park? With its breathtaking landscapes, diverse flora, and fauna, and trails that cater to both beginners and seasoned runners, it's a trail runner's paradise.
But that's not all.... Trail Running holds the power to transform not just your body, but also your mind. It’s a retreat from the everyday hustle, a moment of solace amidst nature's grandeur.



Discover the Majestic Beauty of Cascais Sintra National Park

Run into a world of natural splendour. The variation of terrain and ecosystems in such a small area is astonishing. Run along  semi-arid coastal cliffs where the each shrub or tree is wind sculpted. Listen and watch the wild Atlantic in all her majesty or soothing gently with is hues of green and blue. Best in Spring March April when wildflowers are in bloom. 
Run up through semi tropical forest Bamboo and Eucalyptus the fragrance will clear your airways as search for breath. (Look out for the rare Portuguese rare that it has never been seen.)
Continue up wards and enter the real magic forest of Sintra where the coexistence of pine and fig create the signature look of Sintra forest.
Higher still, moisture trapped by the pines  provide for the lush green ferns  and moss an aura of the dinosaur period or enchanted forest abounds. You may have started in dust but now your feet are in damp mud trails formed from the condensation of mist moisture on the pines.

Sintra Pena Palace and Trail Runners




No wonder Sintra attracted the romantic movement.

Discover the Incredible Health & Well-being Benefits of Trail Running!
Feel the power in your legs, the surge of adrenaline. The rhythmic pounding of your feet on the trail. The heavy thud of your heart in your chest. This is trail running. Not only is it a fun and thrilling way to explore the great outdoors, but it also packs an impressive array of health benefits.
Trail running is a complete body workout that strengthens your muscles, boosts cardiovascular health, and increases endurance. The terrain provides a natural form of resistance training, sculpting your legs and core. And, unlike the relentless pounding of road running, the softer trails are gentler on your joints.

Beyond the physical, trail running has profound effects on our mental well-being.
The simple act of stepping off the pavement and onto a trail can provide a much-needed break from the distractions of our digital lives. This immersion in nature can help to reduce stress and anxiety levels and improve mood.
Finally, trail running fosters a stronger connection with the natural world.
As we run through forests, across streams, and over hills, we experience the beauty of our planet in a visceral, intimate way. 
So, if you haven't yet, give trail running a go and experience these benefits for yourself. You might surprise yourself and discover a new passion!

Next Steps! pun intended

To be honest the only thing needed to start is some sportswear and a pair of good trail running shoes.  Start gently mix 20-40mins running in an hour and a half hike.  Start to feel the buzz of increased heart rate heavier breathing and endorphins as you start gently running up the hills. 

To start  follow forestry roads and some well known well used trails such as Bridges path from Baragem Mula.

For guided trail running: 
contact our friend  Wes Trigg at
Wes is an accomplished local trail runner who spends hours running the trails of the Sintra Cascais National Park. Contact Wes and he will curate a running or hiking tour to your level. 
I run with Wes most Friday morning as part of the Sintra Trail Runners and there is nothing better than just following not having to think just enjoying the sensations.  Wes is also the guide on our celebrated "Trails& Ales" experiences. 

Sintra Trail Runners Duna Cresmina Guincho Cascais 
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Perfect Peaks Brews is one of the founder members of the Sintra Trail Runners
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