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Poolside Non Alcoholic Aperitif Sparking Hop Water

Perfect Peaks Brews: Sparkling Hop Water

At Perfect Peaks, we understand that not every day calls for alcohol, but every day deserves exceptional refreshment.

However there seems to be a lack of genuine choice in the drinks market for those seeking to adopt a more health-conscious, low or no alcoholic sober curious or simply more mindful drinking lifestyle. We believe the drinks market even with its myriad of offerings can be split into 3 classes.
1) Water 2) Alcohol based 3) Non-Alcoholic synthetic drinks saturated with sugar and additives.

Do we need to choose between 4% Alc or over 5%+ Sugar and synthetic additives?

Based on the principles of traditional wine, beer, and distilling, our approach is rooted in using natural ingredients and embracing simplicity while appreciating the complexity that nature provides.  We’ve infused sparkling water with the world's most used, trusted, yet underappreciated botanical—hop oils— to create a pure, simple, and elegant beverage that's clean, natural, and unmistakably refreshing.

0% Alcohol                     100% Taste  
0 Calories                        100% Hydration
0 Sugar 
0 Gluten                          100% Recyclable

Love complex flavours but not the alcohol of beer, wine & spirits.
Love soda but don't want sugar or synthetic flavouring .
Love tonic water but don't want the quinine, sugar or synthetic flavouring.
Love sparkling water but wish it packed more of a punch!

Perfect Peaks Sparkling Hop Water

Perfect Peaks Brews Sparkling Hop Water A chic sophisticated  healthy non-alcoholic aperitif.

Client Testimonial

"Your water is fabulous  definitely something I would and will drink as a non alcoholic cocktail.  It’s a very subtle and sophisticated taste  I love it" Nicky W Cascais

AZACCA:  Soft sweet tropical fruit flavors, nuanced with floral notes, completed with a crisp minerality. This is a novel and complex flavored water, always crisp and refreshing.

CITRA:  Zesty, tart, crisp fresh citrus, though a softened flavor, imagine more Flower of Pink Grapefruit than the pure fruit. Uniquely complex thirst quencher.

The chic non alcoholic aperitif. That perfect moment when you
join with friends and feel the excitement of the evening ahead.
Enjoy the healthy buzz of Perfect Peaks Hop water. Rooted back to nature while fostering the anticipation, energy and camaraderie of the celebration ahead.<

                           Clear-head celebration.....Naturally!

    Hop Water Cans in ice at Sunset Box of 6 Citra 6 Azacca Cans 330ml
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    Mixed Box 6 Azacca 6 Citra (12 x 330ml cans)


    Citra  Spartkling Hop Water Sunset Aperitif Citra Saprkling Hop Water Box of 12  330ml Cans
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    Citra Box of 12 x 330ml cans


    Azacca Sparkling Hop Water Sunset Aperitif Azacca Saprkling Hop Water Box of 12  330ml Cans
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    Caixa de óleo de toranja rosa e lúpulo com 12 latas de 330ml


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